Friday, January 3, 2014

Rapunzel (Demon Tales)

17840427Chloe, princess of the iron fey and heir to the throne, is trapped. Kidnapped from her life at the young age of fifteen and imprisoned by the Vulcans, she has suffered at their hands for more than a decade.

Broken weak and hopeless, she has long stopped dreaming of a better life.

When a large demon is captured by the Vulcans and thrown into her tower, Chloe has no idea that fate has a plan.

Bent on fulfilling a promise he made to his dying mother, Blane finds himself behind bars. Locked in the legendary Vulcan tower, with a woman he fears is his mate, Blane realizes that even the best laid plans can fail.

Blane never wanted a mate. Never wanted anyone to rely on him. But can he walk away from the one woman who is meant to be the other half of his soul?

*May Contain Spoilers*

Kerianne Coombes adds a thick supernatural air to a well known fairy tale with her novel, Rapunzel. Though the main character isn't named Rapunzel, Coombes weaves together the story of the long haired healer with fey folk and demons. 

Blane and Chloe are the two main characters and each share their own point of view as the novel unfolds. Blane is loyal, brave, enticing, yet crude. His outbursts are certainly unexpected but understandable as he is, in fact, a demon. The promise he made to his mother rules his life. After previous repercussions, Blane is determined to never make, or break, another promise. Chloe is the opposite of Blane. She's reserved with a quiet strength. Her past is filled with memories of torture and the exploitation of her powers. Readers will connect with Blane through his loyalty and the need to give meaning to a horrible tragedy. They will connect with Chloe both sympathetically and through her desire to be free. 

The plot follows Blane as he searches for necessary items to keep his promise. While searching, he is captured and thrown in a tower holding cell with Chloe. From there they attempt escape and try to escape the feelings that grow between them. Though verbally intense, Rapunzel is a heroic fairy tale in which readers see the story from the eyes of both the hero and the damsel in distress. 

Rating: 3/5 Cups

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