Monday, December 2, 2013

Seventh Night

18777198A romantic, comic, action, adventure fantasy in which a princess attempts to marry a prince while someone has set out to sabotage their wedding and the resulting alliance.

*May Contain Spoilers*

Iscah begins the real fairy tale with her novel, Seventh Night, which was introduced by The Girl With No Name. When Seventh Night, a young princess, rushes to the kingdom of her betrothed prince, Kaleb, she inserts herself into a horrible situation. Her prince is poisoned and lays sleeping, moments from death. She sets off to find the mythic Sorceress who is said to inhabit the desert with her newly acquired friend, Phillip, and the twin brother her fiance never mentioned, Neithan, in hopes that the Sorceress will be able to find a cure for her prince. 

All four, Neithan, Kaleb, Seventh Night, and Phillip share the story as main characters. Neithan is a quiet and reserved brawny prince who is nothing but fluid, adapting quickly to every situation. He is incredibly reliable and forthright with his morality. To readers, he comes off as a bit standoffish at first glance, but as the story evolves, Neithan becomes the prince fit to be a king. 

Kaleb is the complete opposite. He is flirtatious and charming, apt to strike up conversation and cheer wherever he goes. But he has a darker side, which he hides quite well, even if everything he does is for the good of the kingdom. 

Seventh Night is a princess that isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. Even if it means pretending to be a messenger or dressing like a soldier. She's open to true love and wants her life to be filled with just that. Readers will like her forward-thinking personality even if she does come across as a bit naive. 

Phillip is a melting pot of characteristics. He's brave when he needs to be, intelligent in a tricky situation, thoughtful at all times, and is quickly falling in love with Seventh Night. He not only saves her life (twice at least) but the life of her fiance, Kaleb. He is also the brains behind every idea that turns out good. Readers will enjoy his strength of character and connect with his adventurous nature. 

The plot of Seventh Night begins with Kaleb being poisoned, follows the characters on a trek through the desert to find the Sorceress, and ends with the adventure of saving Seventh Night from a treacherous, deceitful plan. With the style of a storybook, fairy tale creatures, and imaginative adventure, Seventh Night is a novel that awakens the believing child within its readers. 

Rating: 3.5/5 Cups

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