Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Strong Enough to Love

Product DetailsPhotographer Eve Hill was completely comfortable being single. Or at the very least, she was completely resigned to it. There was only one man who made every nerve in her body and brain light up when he walked into a room. But Brian Stewart had always been off limits. Hell, she'd never even kissed him!

For Brian, returning to Jackson Hole feels like coming home. But that has nothing to do with the town. It's Eve drawing him back. Eve and the chance to finally see if they have something or if it's all been in his imagination.

Eve doesn't think she can open her heart to Brian again after getting hurt so badly before, though her body still wants him. She offers Brian one night to fulfill their long-denied fantasies, and that's it. No love or promises, just a chance to get their attraction out of their systems. But can one night really be enough?

*May Contain Spoilers*

Victoria Dahl gives readers a steamy novella with Strong Enough to Love. The main character, Eve, remembers how much strength it took to simply survive when Brian left Jackson Hole. And now, it's time to try again. But how much more damage can her scarred heart take?

Eve is a very likeable character. Dahl keeps her simple and understanding. She's a woman who followed her dream of rekindling her photography career and owns her own studio, doing something that she loves and that she excels at. Readers will connect with her based on her emotions and the struggles in her relationship. She fell in love with a man who was unattainable. Eve was completely heartbroken and learned to move on. Now she has another chance and readers will relate with ease. 

The plot of the novella follows a perfect story arc. Eve's learning to open up when Brian suddenly returns to Jackson Hole. And trouble soon follows. Trouble with staying apart, that is. Strong Enough to Love is perfect for a quick, easy, romantic read that really delivers. Though, there are certain scenes that get pretty intense, excluding young readers from the desired audience. 

Rating: 3/5 Cups

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