Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Missings

The MissingsAspen Falls, Colorado.
Secrets within a community.
Secrets within a family.

Detective Chase Waters finds himself working the most interesting case of his career—one that comes closer to home than he could ever imagine.

Are the mutilated bodies of young men and women the result of cult… or commerce?

*May Contain Spoilers*

Peg Brantley sets the Hispanic community up against, what looks to be, an experienced serial killer in her novel, The Missings. With a passionate detective and a sister who speaks out, the city of Aspen Falls may be able to survive this string of murders. 

Chase Waters is the leading detective and main character in this book. A haunted past motivates him to better the community of Aspen Falls and readers will enjoy his Twizzler addicted personality. He's highly passionate about his job and when the murder cases start piling up, he is determined to save his neighbors. Readers will connect with the loss he's endured in his life. The sympathy evoking situation pulls readers to Chase's side almost immediately. The love for his family will solidify the connection Brantley creates as will his internal strength and bravery. 

The plot is gripping with short chapters that will have readers promising themselves "Only one more" until the end. Not only will readers hope that Chase's family will weather their latest storm, they'll be praying he catches the killer before the killer catches his family. The lines that Brantley blurs together in this novel are elegantly twisted as if by fate, bringing readers to their knees with hope and fear.

Rating: 3/5 Cups

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