Monday, July 8, 2013

Protector (Anniversary of the Veil #1)

Protector (Anniversary of the Veil, Book 1)Duty versus love is the one battle warrior Kae does not know how to fight.

Kae has trained his entire life to become an elite Protector of the Realm. When he finally achieves this honor he finds himself protecting something far greater: the Veil separating two worlds. On one side of the Veil lie unlimited stores of magic. On the Realm's side, magic is all but obliterated, and Kae is one of the few who can use it. The priests who secretly rule the Realm will do everything they can to control his growing magical abilities. Kae's willing to pay the price, even though it separates him from Issa, the girl he loves.

But the Veil has weakened over the last thousand years and powers on both sides will stop at nothing to keep it intact. Strangers from the other side have kidnapped Issa to take her across the Veil and sacrifice her to strengthen it. Kae is the only one who can find her. Going to her rescue means forsaking his oaths and duty, and leaving behind the future he always wanted. But if he chooses duty over love, Issa will die.

*May Contain Spoilers*

Vanna Smythe introduces readers to a world split apart at the seams with her novel, Protector. As the 1000th anniversary approaches, each part of the world fights for a different outcome. While some want the veil to dropped, others will stop at nothing to see it stay in place. 

Kae is the main character of this fantasy novel, an orphan raised to be a Protector of the Realm. A member of an elite army, if you will. What he doesn't know is that being a Protector has a dual meaning - he must also protect the veil - the division of worlds he has never heard of. But he has powers that Protectors haven't seen in five hundred years, which makes him a threat the Veil and to the Realm. Readers will connect with Kae for two main reasons, the very things he must choose between: duty and love.

Since Kae began training, he has thrown himself whole heartedly into becoming a Protector. Though while in training, he's been assigned to guard the Princess, who he comes to love. When he discovers that he is the Decision Maker and will ultimately decide if the Veil remains intact or is destroyed, Kae has a hard time knowing which to strive for. Readers will connect with his loyal and brave personality but will also connect with his desire to love the Princess. Smythe aligns the readers with Kae, strengthening the connection between them and therefore hooking readers to her Anniversary series. 

The plot is intriguing, inventive, and full of adventure while the mix of genres opens the book up to various types of readers. Although I'm not sure if I'll continue the series yet, I think many different readers will be captivated by Protector.

Rating: 3/5 Cups

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