Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Unfolding Soul

Product DetailsWhat has been written has been rewritten. What has been spoken has been forgotten. What is inscribed in the heart and the soul are eternal. Timeless, and beyond manipulation, unconditional love is forever unfolding. It is an unending Source of inspiration. When I put together the writings for Awareness of the Heart, I was not sure whether I would write again or if there was a need to write again for each person must find themselves and know what is in their heart and soul.

I can only offer what I feel is in my mine. Many will try to tell you what is in yours. Some may see all of you. Some may see part of you, and others still, will look pass you. What matters is not what they can accept of you, but what you can accept of yourself. The soul is forever unfolding. As I take this opportunity to share what is in mine, I hope you will take the opportunity to share what is in yours. And perhaps when we are all ready, we can accept that we are sharing this Soul and sharing this journey.

So whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi, Wiccan, non-denominational, or simply a person seeking to understand, allow your soul to unfold, and your heart to sing its song.

Perhaps in finding yourself, you will inspire others to find themselves. Spread your wings and show others how to fly.


I thoroughly enjoyed Unfolding Soul by Dennis T. Maglinte, a collection of poetry. The poems and prose within have a unique openness that is often appealing when questioning the world in which we live. A few of the pieces resonated deeply with me and I'm sure other readers will find the same solace in the words. 

The collection asks questions while studying the possible answers, calling to the reader to align itself with the hope that is born from asking. I think many people will form an attachment with the work inside Unfolding Soul and even more will be inspired by the words. For lovers of poetry, I think this book would be a great add to the reading list. 

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  1. Thank you. During this tough time, this was nice to read.