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FacelessNightCard, a private genetic engineering agency, has been creating experiments with a multitude of astounding abilities. Experiment 1343, or “Faceless” as he calls himself, is one of them. He was genetically designed with the ability to rip his face off and morph it into anyone he can imagine. His hyper-reflexes, along with diverse martial arts training, make him the perfect spy. Craving freedom he escapes to Paris in search for the woman he met and fell in love with as a child. NightCard sends the Four Kings, their best assassins, with orders to bring him back dead or alive, and they may be closer than he thinks.

The girl he met as a child was treated for a psychotic break. Her unbelievable story about a man who could tear off his face had her parents believing she was crazy. She grew to be a beautiful artist, and her collection of art features a faceless man dancing with a woman. Spade, one of NightCard's Four Kings is a lover, as well as a fighter with a habit of spending too much time with too many women. He has been searching for something to quench his hunger. Spade befriends a man that's in desperate need of help getting the girl of his dreams, not realizing it's the very man he is supposed to be hunting.

*May Contain Spoilers*

Faceless by Dustin Sanchez is a novel that takes readers into the realm of genetic manipulation where spies and assassins are created by unlocking the secrets of their DNA. In this fast paced thriller, an engineered spy who can morph into anyone he's ever seen escapes into the real world. When other modified assassins are sent after him, it's becomes a fight for life and love. 

Faceless is the main character of the novel. He's loyal, loving, and persistant. Traits that make him a likeable character but a failed experiment. Readers will become emotionally tied to him as he tries to find the girl he fell in love with as a child. The strength of his character is magnified when he's beaten and threatened by the very people that created him as they try to break his resolve. Yet he repeatedly defies them. 

I think readers of science fiction will love this novel. Though, the dialogue is a bit strained at times and is often flogged with adult-only speech. The sexual scenes are very detailed which could make some readers uncomfortable with the writing style. However, the type of novel Sanchez writes does call for this adult focused style. I think many readers of both the sci-fi and thriller genres will enjoy this book as long as they know what to expect. 

Rating: 3/5 Cups

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